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Occasionally we at Cavalier speak to people, and then those people publish those conversations as videos and podcasts and the like. You'll find a few of these here, mostly talking about The Sexy Brutale but sometimes about our careers and previous roles and whatnot.

The Sexy Brutale: Dev Diaries Part 1

Meet Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works - Gamescom 2016.

The Sexy Brutale: BAFTA Interview

Brothers and BAFTA nominees Charles and James Griffiths talk about how they developed their career within the games industry and the making of their game The Sexy Brutale. 

The Sexy Brutale: Dev Diaries Part 2

Find how the visual style of The Sexy Brutale was created in this second Dev Diary.

The Sexy Brutale: Time Loops

Three designers from three different games share their own perspectives on time loops, and how they built their own worlds to harness this extra dimension of design.

The Sexy Brutale: Dev Diaries Part 3

Cavalier Game Studios explain the mechanics and design process behind The Sexy Brutale.

The Sexy Brutale: BAFTA Panel

The creative minds behind BAFTA-nominated debut games discuss their careers in games development. Listen to the panelists share their journeys to success and divulge essential secrets for getting your game off the ground.


The Sexy Brutale: "When We Made..."

MCV article sharing insights from Cavalier on the studio background and inspiration for The Sexy Brutale, development challenges, and the groundbreaking non-linear storytelling featured in the game.


The Sexy Brutale: Kotaku Feature

Nathan Grayson describes his experience playing The Sexy Brutale.


The Sexy Brutale: Polygon Preview

Megan Farokhmanesh interviews James Griffiths from Cavalier Game Studios and shares insight into the development and gameplay of The Sexy Brutale.

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